January 2012 Message from the Editor

We greatly regret that there has been such a long interval between the last issue of Caribbean Rights and this one. The need for eternal vigilance in the field of human rights has increased rather than diminished. On the international scene, the Arab Spring has produced an upsurge of interest in the civil and political rights of all human beings irrespective of race, culture or religion. However, some of the developments in Egypt and Syria in particular are quite disturbing. The fratricidal terrorist activities in Nigeria are frightening. In Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago there have been recent declarations of States of Emergency, with the usual curtailment of fundamental rights and freedoms inherent in such situations.

The threats from global warming are becoming more and more evident in all regions throughout the world. We are therefore pleased to present in this edition two notes by the Editor on environmental cases.

We hope that in the not too distant future the Caribbean Court of Justice will have a widened appellate jurisdiction as more member states accede to that jurisdiction. Accordingly, we have in this edition published an Article by Nancy Anderson on Access to Justice in the CCJ. There is also a Note from a diplomat (not a Diplomatic Note) with reflections on his Caribbean experience.

We hope you will find this edition interesting and will not have to wait for such a long time for the next issue.

With the exception of the editorial, the opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of UCHR


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