Lord Anthony Gifford QC

Lord Anthony Gifford QC

Anthony Gifford is an attorney-at-law who has worked on human rights issues in the United Kingdom and Jamaica.  Since 1991 he has been settled in Jamaica where he is the senior  partner in the firm of Gifford Thompson & Bright.  He has been a member of the Council of IJCHR since 2006.  In the UK he was actively involved in support for the African Liberation struggle, and in cases of racial discrimination, Irish prisoners and gay rights.  He was lead counsel in the case of Dudgeon v UK, in which the European Court of Human Rights declared that anti-gay legislation in Northern Ireland had to be repealed.

In Jamaica he has a wide-ranging legal practice including the representation of trade unions, Rastafarians, prisoners and others whose rights have been violated.  He is lead counsel in a petition pending before the Inter-American Human Rights Commission against the Government of Jamaica seeking the repeal  of Jamaica’s anti-gay laws.  He is the author of The Passionnate Advocate, a memoir of his work as a human rights lawyer.

For contact: anthony.gifford@btinternet.com