Reflections on my Caribbean Experience

By Daniel Suter

I arrived in July 2010, in Barbados, as the Criminal Justice Advisor to the Eastern Caribbean, with a blank canvas and no preconceptions.

I had left my job as a Specialist Prosecutor in the Organised Crime Division of the Crown Prosecution Service in London where I was advising on prosecuting some of the most dangerous criminals in England. I had previously defended for 8 years as a legal aid lawyer and wanted to bring objectivity to a role that would consider the interests of all users of the criminal justice system. My terms of reference were wide ranging with the specific Continue reading


January 2012 Message from the Editor

We greatly regret that there has been such a long interval between the last issue of Caribbean Rights and this one. The need for eternal vigilance in the field of human rights has increased rather than diminished. On the international scene, the Arab Spring has produced Continue reading

The Caribbean Court of Justice and access to justice

In its original jurisdiction the Caribbean Court of Justice (the CCJ) is empowered to determine disputes respecting the treaty establishing the Caribbean Community. Provision is made by virtue of Article XXIV of the Agreement Establishing the Caribbean Court of Justice for nationals of Contracting Parties to be allowed to appear, by leave of the Court, in proceedings where the Treaty is intended to enure to the benefit of such persons, or if Continue reading

About the death penalty project

For more than 20 years, the Death Penalty Project has worked to promote and protect the human rights of those facing the death penalty. Although the project operates in all jurisdictions where the death penalty remains an enforceable punishment, its actions are concentrated in those countries which retain the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London and in other Commonwealth countries, principally in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

The Project’s main objectives are to promote the restriction of the death penalty in line with international minimum legal requirements; to uphold and Continue reading